Frank Kaiser, PhD

Head of the Section for Functional Genetics, University of Lübeck, Germany.

Short Biography

Dr. Frank Kaiser is head of the Section for Functional Genetics and currently interim director of the Institute for Human Genetics at the University of Lübeck. He has longstanding interest and expertise in the molecular characterization of genetic variants affecting transcription factors or genomic elements involved in transcriptional regulation. His group has been centrally involved in the identification and functional follow-up of mutations in several genes implicated in transcriptional regulation as genetic causes for different type of disease. His research was honored by national and international awards such as the Isabelle Oberlé Award of the European Society for Human Genetics in 2007 or the Dr. Holger Müller Award of the Care for Rare Foundation in 2012. Dr. Kaiser has received substantial national as well as international funding and served as coordinator of the European E-Rare TARGET-CdLS consortium. Dr. Kaiser is deputy speaker of the Protect Move Research Unit 2488 and established different functional assays to investigate the molecular relevance of mutations in the transcription factor THAP1, in collaboration with the Institute of Neurogenetics. Based on the expertise of his group in chromatin-associated functions, Dr. Kaiser is principle investigator within the recently BMBF-funded research network on cognitive impairment disorders with defective chromatin dynamics (CHROMATIN-Net).